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Excalibur Matrix 405 Mega Crossbow Review

Are you looking for a crossbow which is extremely fast and powerful? Yeah, you do need such a crossbow if you are a professional hunter and want to hunt a large game, and the Excalibur Matrix 405 Mega Crossbow review may be exactly the one you are looking for.

The Matrix 405 crssbow  has a hardy construction that is well balanced and its sleek performance ensures that you will always get accurate shots. It should be noted that this recurve bow is designed for experienced hunters and not for amateurs, and its incredible power and thrust might be a tough ask for the absolute beginners.

Matrix 405 Crossbow Build

One of the most important aspects to consider is the crossbow’s build. You want it to come with a sturdy construction that is also lightweight for easy handling. Lighter crossbows are also easier to carry to a hunting blind, and can help prevent arm fatigue that might cause your hands to wobble during the shot.

The Matrix 405 Mega crossbow is tough and durable—a feature which is the hallmark of all Excalibur products (You can also check out our Excalibur Matrix 355 Crossbow Review). The sturdy limbs provide a lot of stability for the heavy draw, and the riser attaches easily for providing added support.

The lightweight materials make the bow fairly easy to handle, though the Matrix Mega 405 crossbow is a bit heavier than similar models. While this ensures that the bow is built to last, it makes it somewhat difficult for hunters to maneuver it comfortably, especially in tight places where you can hardly get any elbow space.

Design of the Matrix 405 Crossbow

Excalibur has a reputation for its well-designed crossbows, and the Matrix 405 model is no exception. The sleek design gives it a fashionable look, and you will surely like the “mossy oak” pattern on the limbs and stock when you are trying to remain hidden under the bushes. The crossbow is also designed to be nearly silent when fired, which is always an advantage when you are running after your prey.

The designers at Excalibur has given extreme priority  to safety, and with a maximum speed of 405 feet per second and draw weight of 290 pounds this is an obvious concern. Since the heavy draw is difficult to pull without straining a muscle, the crossbow is provided with a convenient rope-cocking device. While the 14 inch power stroke still requires some stamina to draw the string tightly, the added cocking mechanism can make life easier for you. The bow also comes with an anti dry firing device which will help you to protect from potentially dangerous misfires.

Excalibur Matrix 405 Performance

There is hardly another recurve crossbow that can compare with the Matrix Mega 405 when it comes to speed, power and performance. This crossbow can give you a maximum velocity up to 405 feet per second, backed by an impressively heavy 290 pound draw weight. When the potential kinetic energy is taken into account, you can easily—and confidently take this crossbow with you on almost any hunting trip. As a comment, a few people I know, do prefer the Barnett Ghost 410 CRT Crossbow for hunting, but I guess its all up to personal preference, what works best for you.

Along with its speed and power, this crossbow can provide you with a smooth and accurate performance. The included scope makes it easy to line up with your target with greater accuracy, and it can be adjusted to group your shots. The bow also comes with built in dampeners on the string to ensure ultra-quiet performance. This is always an advantage when you are stealthily stalking your prey.

Features of this Crossbow

This convenient crossbow kit includes everything a hardcore professional hunter needs to set out on a outdoor hunting trip. The accurate scope makes it easy to zoom in on a potential target, and its durable construction will hold steady at “zero” through most bumps and falls when you are on a hot chase to get close to your target. The string dampeners also ensure a quiet draw and release which makes your job easier.

You also have the advantage of the release mechanism built into the bow, which allows you to uncock arrows without having to fire. The included quiver makes it easy to keep everything close at hand so that you can easily grab it.

Since you have  four Diablo and field tip arrows included with the kit, you can start practicing your shots as soon as the crossbow is assembled. The manual given in the package will walk you through the simple set-up steps, and with everything included you can have the crossbow assembled within a few minutes.

Excalibur Matrix 405 Mega Crossbow Review: Final Verdict

While this recurve crossbow from Excalibur is not designed for everyone, it is incredibly fast, powerful and accurate. Weighing 6.2 pounds and 36.2 inches in length, this crossbow is a little longer and heavier than similar recurve bows, but this is really necessary to give support to the 290 pound draw weight.

Capable of a maximum velocity of 405 fps and backed by 290 pounds, this recurve bow can easily takedown almost any type of game available in the woods of North America. This crossbow is indeed perfect for all keen hunters who need a fast and powerful crossbow. If by now you dont feel this is the crossbow you are looking for, check out our Best Crossbow Reviews.

This recurve bow is fast, powerful, and quiet, which makes it an ideal choice for professional hunters. The only downside to this recurve crossbow is its slightly longer length, and its draw rate that might appear a bit heavier for some users.
Everything you need to start hunting outdoors is included with the Matrix Mega 405 crossbow kit.
You should also take note of the included safety features, along with the rope cocking mechanism that makes it possible to pull the 290 draw weight.

The Excalibur Matrix 405 Mega crossbow review has provided ample scope for you to decide whether you will purchase this product or go for a different model. We feel that if you are a real professional hunter, or aspire to be one, you should go for this model without hesitation, unless the weight is an issue with you.

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